Thursday, February 3, 2011

EmersonMade ONSIES!!!

I know, I know. So stinkin' cute! When I had this little bit of news in my inbox from sweet Emerson herself, I about died. No joke. Can I please borrow someone's infant to buy this for and hold/squeeze/love? Good news for me they have kids sizes too. Ages 1-3. Few!
 Check out the whole collection of EM onsies here. I'm thinkin' this may be the beginning of the beginning of EMkids? {Yes, I said that twice.}

And, can I just tell you...I absolutely love when clothiers I heart come out with a mini version. It gives you twice the reason to shop there, right? Right.
Stay tuned for more mini versions of shops we love. I know you'll just love em too.

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