Thursday, February 10, 2011

DIY - Party Hats

So quick and easy and adds a lot of fun to your sweet little one's birthday bash!

Materials needed: 
12 X 12 scrapbook paper – 1 sheet per hat 
1 cone hat for reference
1 roll crepe paper
Double-sided tape

Elastic cord

Tools needed:
Sewing machine

Trace outline of premade hat scrapbook hat and cut out.
Apply double sided tape to one short edge of the hat and fold to create cone.
Cut strip of elastic cord for chin strap and tape on the inside of the hat.
To create fringe: cut 3 -15” strips of crepe paper.
Layer them and sew a seam down the middle.
Fold crepe paper in half and cut to create fringe – being careful to not cut the seam.
Apply double sided tape to the bottom of the hat and attach fringe.
Apply hat to child and voila, it party time!

{tutorial by Michele Wimborough of Cakewalk Baking}
{photography by sherry heck}

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