Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter reads

One thing I will never forget about my little boys childhood is our reading time. It is something that just naturally happens every single day. We love it, and could sit together for several minutes (thats a long time for us). Him because he loves the pictures and stories, and Me because he will snuggle me the entire time. (I don't get much of that these days with a busy 18 month old). We headed over to the public library yesterday and picked up all my favorite Easter reads. Those I share with you today.

 This one is my favorite. A bit over my little guys head, but I mostly checked it out for me anyway. If you haven't read this one, it is a must. 

 Love this one as well. The illustrations are tender

 A classic boardbook that everyone should own as well.

 This is a new one I haven't read before. The illustrations are cute and the story is quite funny. 

This one has a sweet, religous message. The illustrations are cute too.

What are your favorite Easter reads?

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